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Yacon Syrup Benefits

Yacon with a scientific name of Polymnia sonchifolia is recognized as a Peruvian ground apple. It is from South America which is related to a sunflower. The tubers are juicy and edible, often known as “watery root”. For thousands of years ago, this fruit has been the source of food for Andes people.

With this, the yacon syrup provides health benefits to people, they are:

Yacon Syrup Benefits

Management of Blood Sugar

Yacon syrup that comes from its roots help lowers down blood sugar, a result of the study conducted in 2009. The molecules found in yacon called fructooligosaccharides add half the sweetness of sugar without increasing the levels of blood sugar. In a study, a group of people suffering from obesity and are insulin resistant were supplemented with two doses each day of yacon syrup, .14 grams and .29 grams of fructooligosaccharides for every kilogram of their body weight. After 120 days, the study showed significant results, their insulin levels lowered down. However, the fasting levels of blood sugar did not show positive results. Also, during the study, supplementation of yacon syrup aids in suppressed diet and weight loss.

Prevention of Cancer

In 2011, a study conducted of the human cervical cancer, it showed that yacon syrup has potential benefits to prevent cancer. The components of yacon slow down the reproduction and growth of cancer cells and promote the death of early cancer cells too. To support the results of the study, in 2010 a tissue culture conducted to determine the benefits of yacon to cancer patients. It showed that the leaves and roots of yacon have anticancer benefits of the blood, nerve, colon and skin cancers.

Healthy Liver

Yacon and silymarin have active components in the form of milk thistle that helps improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels in people with metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is a condition that increases the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. In a study conducted for ninety days, patients who consumed .8 grams of silymarin and 2.4 grams of yacon have improved the levels of cholesterol and prevented the accumulation of fat in the liver. With these results, it has been proven that yacon and silymarin promote healthy liver and heart function.

Dietary Uses

The taste of fresh yacon has a crunchy texture and slightly sweet taste that is similar of an apple and the flavor is the same with watermelon. The South Americans like to eat the tubers as a fruit and they add honey and lemon juice to make it as a fruit salad. Other options are to stir fry, bake or roast the yacon as a vegetable.

Finally, clinical studies showed that yacon syrup provides essential benefits for the body.


The Best Natural Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

The obesity problem all throughout the world is increasing, in fact, in a study conducted by the International Association for Obesity, 1 billion adults are overweight and 475 million are obese.

As the problem increases year after year, the demand for natural weight loss supplements are increasing too. As of 2013, the sales of weight loss supplements reached $779.6 million, a 16.2% increase over the last year.

Based on the sales data, the best natural weight loss supplement ingredients are the following:


The launching of raspberry ketones to the market has made this ingredient in the top list of weight loss supplement. Recently, ketones had an annual sale of about $48.9 million, a huge increase over last year that accounted for 641.1%.

Ketones are the aromatic component of raspberries and other kinds of fruits, they are shown to help lose weight, prevent obesity and fatty liver in the study conducted in animals. After ten weeks of the study, mice with high fat diet and supplemented with raspberry ketones showed less storage of fat in the abdomen and liver. Those who did not undergo supplementation showed high fat stored in their abdomen and liver. In addition, raspberry ketones can increase the breakdown of fatty cells through norepinephrine-induced lipolysis.

Green Teas

Green tea is from the plant called Camellia Sinensis, this is a staple of the Asian cultures for a long time. Currently, many people worldwide are drinking green tea and supplements to have a better weight management.

The Best Natural Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

Green tea has caffeine and catechins, these components are believed to increase the function of metabolism. For this reason, many producers of supplements, beverages and functional foods use green tea as a main ingredient because it appeals to consumers.

However, it has been reported that supplements containing green tea were down by 20.8%, the sales went down from $92.8 million to $73.5 million.

Green Coffee Extract

A green coffee extract is from unroasted or raw coffee beans. It is becoming a popular ingredient for weight loss management because it inhibits glucoce-6-phosphatase that is responsible to form glucose or sugar in the liver. The acid found in the green coffee extract, the chlorogenic acid supports glycemic control, as a result, it can prevent glycemic disorders like diabetes and weight gain.

The Best Natural Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

At 2013, the sales of supplements with green coffee extract reached $71.6 million, a whooping 2,654.6% increase over 2012, with sales of only $2.6 million.

These are the top ingredients of the best natural weight loss supplements in 2013.


Calcium Pyruvate Extract

One of the most effective weight loss supplements is the pyruvate extract. It helps increase the metabolic rate of the body, helps carbohydrate digestion, increases energy levels and faster weight loss.

In a study conducted by the University of Pittsburg, they studied a group of women who had 1,000 calories of food intake each day and supplemented with 30mg pyruvate. Results showed that the respondents lost more than 48% of fat, showing that this supplement is effective to increase energy level and lose weight faster.

Calcium pyruvate is a natural occurrence in the body when the food is digested and converted into energy. It helps in delivering protein and glucose to the cells so that the body can function well, burn energy and prevent stored fat.

Who Needs Pyruvate Extract?

Pyruvate extract supplements help in burning excess fat. Particularly, they are effective at in reducing fat in the stomach area and minimize fat storage in the thighs. Pyruvate extract works well for those people who are living a healthy lifestyle, sensible diet and regular exercise because it boosts metabolism. Other benefits are lower bad cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and it has anti-aging properties to keep you young and fresh looking.

Athletes consider this supplement essential because it can help build up muscle, provides sustained energy and strength to fight against fatigue. In studies conducted, they showed positive results by taking 25grams of the supplement together with 75 grams of dihydroxyacetone. It has proven to increase triceps by 20%.

Calcium Pyruvate Extract

Calcium pyruvate can be sourced from natural foods like cheese, dark beer, red wine and apples. However, they only contain minimal amount and could not be the only source to lose weight. For example, in order to get 5 grams of pyruvate extract, you need to eat 70 apples.

Finally, taking pyruvate extract supplements can provide many essential benefits for the body.


Forskolin Review and Information

Forskolin comes from a plant called Coleus forskohlii that has been used by ancient people as a traditional medicine because it contains an amazing component. Forskolin became popular when it is used as a fat burner ingredient and in the majority of advanced thermogenics in the market today. The properties are proven to lose weight naturally and showed positive effects for the lungs, heart and blood pressure.

In scientific studies, forskolin increases production and stimulates release of thyroid hormone. Generally, the thyroid hormone is responsible for the rate of metabolic process the body undergoes. As a result, increased production of thyroid hormones will also increase metabolism but this is not the only benefit of forskolin into our bodies.

For centuries, Coleus has been widely used in many conditions, it turned out that the main component of this herb is Forskolin, known to provide health benefits. Forskolin affects the basic and important cell regulating compound, the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Increased level of cAMP can:

  • Inhibit histamine release and mast cell degranulation.
  • Increase the force of heart muscle contraction.
  • The smooth muscle and the arteries will be relaxed.
  • Increased secretion of insulin.
  • Increased function of the thyroid glands.
  • Increased fat breakdown.

Based on the scientific findings, the effects of Coleus that contains forskolin are very immensed because it is an excellent supplement for burning fat.

Forskolin Review and Information

Who needs forskolin and the associated symptoms of deficiency?

In the ancient times, Coleus forskohlii, a type of medicinal plant is the source of forskolin, it is believed to possess a unique biological intervention. However, clinical studies showed that forskolin are better obtained with the use of the whole plant rather than an isolated type of forskolin. Its unique pharmacology proved to be useful in different clinical conditions.

The right dosage and possible side effects

Typically, the Coleus root has a forskolin content of .2%-.3%, as a result the content is insufficient to have a pharmacological effect. With this, to have a sufficient forskolin, the best thing to use is the standard extract that is believed to have a concentrated content of forskolin.

The recommended dosage of forskolin depends on its level. Further studies are still being conducted to achieve a more precise dosage of Coleus forskohlii. Currently, the standard dosage must contain 185 forskolin or equivalent to 50 mg that must be taken two-three times each day.

In the studies conducted in animals to determine the toxicity level of forskolin, it showed an extremely low level of toxicity but must be restricted to people who have peptic ulcers and low blood pressure.

Being able to understand forskolin and its reviews show that it is a beneficial supplement for weight management.


The Benefits Of CLA Extract

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural derivative of linoleic acid. It is a type of fatty acid that reduces body fat and promotes toning of muscle, these results were conducted in clinical and laboratory studies. In addition, CLA offers many benefits such as reduced cholesterol level, balanced metabolic process and an antioxidant.

Traditionally, CLA can be sourced in dairy products from free-range beef, grass-fed cows and poultry. Grass-fed cows will convert the fatty acids of grasses to CLA and they contain higher CLA than those cows fed with corn. Other sources of CLA like dairy products and meat which come from deficient cows have low CLA. The problem worsens with the use of modern technology in agricultural practices, food processing and refining, depleted soil minerals and so much more. With this, people consume lesser CLA than in previous generations.

CLA has been proven to provide health benefits to people, this is the reason why CLA are now sourced from vegetables because they provide adequate amounts of CLA. Today, CLA can be obtained from eating plant-based foods and extracts that contain high levels of CLA.

Benefits of CLA

The major benefits of CLA are the following:

  • Mass of lean muscle will increase.
  • Body fat reduction.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol level.

The source is from vegetables that are good for the body.

Recently, a CLA weight loss supplement was launched in the market, it is from the oil of safflower which has been processed gently. Now, people will enjoy the benefits of CLA through this product.

This herbal supplement contains 1,000 mg of safflower oil and contains 77% of CLA. The production process is purely natural and does not use toxic chemicals such as hexane that comes from herbicide and pesticide. The major benefits of this product are:

  • Improvement of muscle tone.
  • Increases mass of lean muscles.
  • Aids in reduction of body fat and lose weight.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol level.
  • It is an antioxidant.
The Benefits Of CLA Extract

These are the health benefits that you can get from CLA extract.


Nutrition Benefits of Konjac Root

The konjac root contains high in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Also, because it has high fiber, it contains potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorous selenium. The root contains polyunsaturated acids and essential amino acids.

Foods which are rich in konjac are ideal for satiety, the feeling of getting full. It can supplement balancing salinity, calcium, clearing the intestine, cleaning the stomach and removing body toxins. In addition, konjac delays absorption of sugar and effectively reduces postprandial blood sugar.

Nutrition Benefits of Konjac Root

The main ingredient found in konjac is known as Glucomannan fiber. The essential benefits to the body are not limited to over sixteen amino acids but include high fiber and low fat foods. Thus, konjac root lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol level. Definitely, it has many nutritional benefits that promotes healthy diet and helps in losing weight.

Nutrition Benefits of Konjac Root

In some cases, the Glucomannan fiber found in Konjac can support people with diabetes because it increases insulin and lowers blood sugar. In medical studies, Glucomannan fiber can prevent, control and treat diabetes. Other benefits include:

  • It is the stickiest dietary fiber that helps enhance viscosity in the intestine and delays chime retention time.
  • It helps in forming a protective film around the intestinal wall; thus postpones and reduces glucose absorption that inhibits blood sugar increase.
  • It reduces levels of free fatty acid in the blood.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and lowers the tolerance of glucose.
  • The protein content is about 5%-10% with 16 amino acids.
  • It contains minerals and high levels of calcium, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium.

Konjac foods are considered alkaline food. They supply various nutrients because they contain carbohydrate, sodium, iron, protein, potassium, copper, lipids, niacin, folic acid, dietary fiber, vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, B6, B12, C and pantothenate.

There are so many positive nutritional benefits of Konjac root to one’s health, this is the reason why the demand increases.


The Recommended Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

Every approved medical supplement in the world has a special dosage requirement. This article will deal deeper on the recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia so that the well-being of consumers will be protected.

The Recommended Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

Normally, it is confusing to come up with the right dosage of garcinai cambogia that must be consumed everyday because every individual has different physical and health requirements. To guide you with this matter, here are some factors to use in determining the right dosage for garcinia cambogia.

Active Ingredient Percentage

The dosage of garcinia cambogia is determined through the active ingredient percentage, the hydroxycitric acid. Most of the cases suggest that dosage must be based on the supplements dosage or extract that contains 50% of HCA.


The second factor to consider is the consumer’s weight. Consequently, consumers with big masses require an increased amount of HCA than consumers with lesser weight.

Type of Diet

The Recommended Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

People who have food diet rich in high fat will gain more weight than those who have low fat foods diet. As a result, people who eat more on snacks and fries will have a higher dosage of HCA than those who have a healthy diet.

The State of Garcinia Cambogia

There are two states of garcinia cambogia: individual supplement state and compound dietary state. The individual supplement state has 50% HCA and people who are taking this state must have a recommended dosage in small portions while the compound dietary state is composed of various ingredients and has low HCA content. Therefore, people who take in the compound dietary state will consume big portions to achieve the recommended dosage.

Also, higher dosage is more effective in individuals who did not show significant progress when they are taking in lower dosages.

Recommended Dosage

The appropriate dosage should not be over 3,000 mg each day for adults or it is advised to take 300mg-500mg before meals. The good thing is that there are no incidents of toxicity for prolonged use.

These are the different factors to consider in getting the recommended dosage for garcinia cambogia.